Easy Breezy!


It’s Thursday and planning has made my week easy breezy! I didn’t struggle in the morning with what to wear or eat all the wrong things! Because I had a plan!


Dress: Jovovich-Hawk for Target, Shoes:Shoedazzle

And earlier this week I emailed J Money from Budgets Are Sexy because I am starting a new budget and savings plan. And I needed to lay it all out with J$! I love his blog!

Here is what I wrote to J Money:

I just want to say that last year I created a budget by using your template and I totally love it! I made a great plan on how to kill my debt and save money and I have totally BLEW IT! I am so ashamed. My spending has been out of control completely and I have finally made the decision to just FAST-I am out of control. I made a new budget and a plan to take on a 30 for 30 challenge of choosing 30 items of clothing and shoes already in my closet and not spending any money on clothes for 30 days. This is a challenge for me–I LOVE SHOPPING for items that depreciate in time! After reading your post today-7 Items in 7 days-totally inspired  me to just do what I know to do–BUDGET, 30 for 30 and of course FINALLY WEAR THE CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET THAT STILL HAS TAGS ON THEM! I am not just doing 7 items in 7 days; I am going to do the month! I guess I can let you in on my progress next month–but I know that not spending on clothes and shoes and omgaaaaaaa MAKEUP is a BIG issue for me!
 but I really want to be a part of your CLUB and I looooooooove your blog–I just need to jump-start what I know to do!! Thanks again for all the advice!

And here is what he wrote back:

Haha, you totally just made my night 🙂  in fact, I might just copy & paste this into a blog post one day! haha… I’m proud of you though, you can do it!!!  We all mess up but the trick is to keep on fighting the good fight until it becomes natural to you.  The month I gave up shopping 100%, was the month my financial life turned around.  Its def. possible!!!  Def. keep me updated!!


Great Encouragement!! Right?

I have to be Fabulous inside my heart, on the outside and in my wallet and bank accounts!

If you’re like me and sense that your spending is out of control well do something about it!

Join me for the 30 for 30 challenge, I have no more excuses to why I am not saving, or budgeting and I have enough things in my closet to get me by for 30 days.


Fabulously Yours,




3 thoughts on “Easy Breezy!

  1. I love it 100%… I am going to make June my turnaround month. I will be is such tip top shape (organized and such) by July!!

    • Yeah it’s taking me time to be 100% organized….I am not exactly where I want to be with it but I am getting there for sure. Thanks!

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