Fabulous Monday!

Hi dolls! Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there that read this blog! I am not a mother yet but I got a taste of motherhood this weekend, Noah(nephew) and Kennedy(niece) came over on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. WHOA! It was a lot but after they left and I had a moment to reflect-I LOVED IT! Spending time with them and watching them grow up is priceless! I guess I understand now-motherhood is hard but its worth it and nothing compares to it!

Needless to say-there isn’t a Monday Makeover and my week isn’t planned! But I have this evening after work to get it all together. Sunday after dinner I basically crashed! But I had to stop through and say hi to my people’s over here at FYI!

So I leave you with this beautiful picture and a quote from something I wrote.


Isn’t this just beautiful! I love how the roots just grew over top of the log and into the ground! Amazing! Whatever it is in your life that’s in the way of “YOU”, don’t let it stop your growth-grow through it, over take it!

Fabulously GROWING,


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