A Little off Subject!

I know this weeks readings have been quite boring and dry but next week you are going to fall back in love with FYI! I promise!

Last week I was outside having lunch and there was a squirrel that kept going up and down the tree until he finally rested all the way up  at the top and just sat there eating! So you know I had to snap a picture of my lunch buddy!

Such a random post but it’s the little things in life that makes life so beauitful! Cherish every day and every moment!


Fabulously Yours,



4 thoughts on “A Little off Subject!

  1. Your posts are coming along fine! We have a squirrel outside our building (9th & Penn, NW) that will allow passersby to HAND FEED him. I’m not that brave or bored, but it’s interesting to watch. Note: RABIES IS REAL!

    • I love squirels! Girl you should feed him next week!! LOL. I was out this morning snapping pictures of a squirel eating out this garden on U Street! To cute!

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