Happy Friday!

Happy Friday People!

The weekend is here! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Anyways-no fitness advice today or pictures of squirrels or as some of you said, RAT! LOL

But I do have some fun information to share!

The MAC counter in Macy’s Wheaton store is having a MAKEUP CLASS June 18! They will teach you 3 looks for $50! The $50 goes towards the products you plan on buying! There are two spots 11-1pm or 3-5pm. If interested please call the counter (240) 880-4200 ext. 2251. The space is limited so by all means book it soon! I might do it just for fun! Actually I am going to do it!

Also, here are some Fun Friday Goodies:

Jill Scott’s new songs are the bomb.com! Shame-could be your summer anthem if your single and So In Love is a great anthem if your in love!!


And of course Living Social has a fun deal today! River Tubin, BBQ & Beers! I just might hit this up! I mean I don’t drink but tubing is on my list of summer fun! 


Fabulously Yours,


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