Fabulous Monday Makeover-YOUR HEART


Life is full of ups and downs, flips and turns, spins and just all sorts of things! And sometimes you have to reevaluate where you are and where you want to go.

Trust your life, your heart, your mind, your soul, your all to GOD. He is the sure thing! He even gives you a blueprint to follow!

So if your feeling down about anything get reconnect to GOD because at anytime you can see the Word, hear the Word, and understand the Word of God, you can be converted into the Word you see, hear, and understand (Vision of VCMI)! I am a living testament to this truth! My mind, heart and soul has been renewed and rejuvenated by being in the presence of God!

Happy Monday Makeover!

I know you guys remember Dolores, she was our first Monday Makeover candidate. Well this weekend we got together to spruce up her summer wardrobe! We went to the Thrift Store and she found these two dresses and this Coach bag for $22.30 but it range up for $19.90! Doesn’t she look cute and the dresses where both less than $10.00! And of course we took a trip to TJMaxx and she found those cute nude sandles for $19.99. I was glad that she finally did something nice for herself, I guess being a parent your constantly putting others before yourself!

How cute is she!

She has the cutest little legs! Werrrrrrrrrrrrrrk it!


Fabulously Yours,



5 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover-YOUR HEART

    • I had a ball shopping, it’s amazing what you can find at the thrift store for $6-$10. I was so excited about my spring dress and my linen orange skirt (favorite color) Today I have on my nude shoes and I have received so many compliments. Thanks Karen for making me feel good about myself again you are the best cousin in the WORLD!!! Love you BFFC (best friend forever cousin)

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