Back Where I Belong!

HELLO LADIES!  I have missed you all so much!  If someone would have told me that in 2011 my life was going to go through a great deal of transition I am not sure I would have been in a position to receive it.  But lo and behold I am standing here in the midst of it to say I am stronger than I thought and God has taken me through this to bring me into something greater.  Although the transition has been hard, I am pressing forward with life and there is a little lady who I look at every day who keeps me motivated. 

Look: Dress – Zac Posen for Target; Shoes – Christian Siriano for Payless; Jewelry – Forever 21 & Target; Sunglasses – Armani Exchange

She is my heartbeat and my joy in times of sorrow!  Becoming a mother has been the most humbling experience for me, she makes me want to be a better person in every thing that I do.  My prayer is that I can be an example to her so that she grows into a virtuous woman and she can do anything she puts her mind to.  (Excuse the awkward angle of the camera however this was the only good picture I got on Mothers Day.)  

I have been on hiatus for 2 months, which is FAR too long!  A wise person once told me you make time for what you want; this wise person also believed in my passion for fashion even when I didn’t believe in myself.  They encouraged me to share it with the world, therefore I can’t let them down.  So ladies I am BACK WHERE I BELONG and I am here to stay!!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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