Fly into Reinventions


 Happy Wednesday! Can I say that I have been having such a great week! When you make a decision to renew your heart and mind to God your spirit flies so high! Check out this song by Jason Upton called  “Fly”.  I have been listening to it all week.

And as you all know I have been on a quest to wear things in my closet that I have ignored for way to long! And to my surprise a few of you readers are doing the same. Sabrina called me last week to tell me that she was week 2 into shopping in her closet. And she shared a few tips that worked for her!

Here are my favorites in how to reinvent your wardrobe:

  • Clean out your closet
  • Try things on at night
  • Wear accessories you haven’t worn in a while
  • Choose a color scheme you don’t normally wear
  • Don’t be afraid to belt an outfit
  • Try it with flats

I like how Sabrina put it to me “Taking inventory is MAGIC”

Well here I am in my gray suit jacket that I didnt wear  at all last year! And yall know I love skirts! I have had this Express skirt since I was a junior in high school!  And the yellow top is actually a cut off shirt I bought from Rainbow. I have that shirt in 5 different colors, black, yellow, pink, orange and gray. The shirt is too casual to wear alone to work but it works perfect under a jacket!

 Fabulously Yours,


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