Make Every Hour Count

I never thought my life would be as structured as it is right now but hey whatever works.  As a fulltime mom and employee as well as part-time blogger and part-time fashion consultant I have to make every hour of the day count.   I plan dinner, outfits, appointments etc. for the week on the weekend just to maintain some level of sanity.  I must say planning my outfits on the weekend have been such a tremendous help, it allows me to spend more time with my little lady in the evenings during the week!  


 Sunday afternoon is my day to plan my outfits for everyday of the week.  They are ironed and placed on a hanger with the shoes I plan to wear lined up for each day.  Often times I will hang the bag and accessories I plan to wear with each outfit as well.  It makes life so much easier and allows for more free time to do other things. 

I even iron and lay her clothes out for the week however it is much easier to pick out items for her than it is for me.  I don’t have to worry about her changing her mind about what she wants to wear unlike myself on the other hand. 

Although my life may seem monotonous, planning ahead allows me to ensure I am making every hour count!   Does anyone else plan their week ahead?  If so,what do you to keep yourself organized and make use of every hour to maximize your day?!?!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

One thought on “Make Every Hour Count

  1. Would you believe many times I have to ask The Lord’s help in what to wear? I am proud of you and your organizational skills. However, I must let you know that it may not be too long from now that your little lady girl will let you know that she has a preference as to what she wants to wear so enjoy being in charge now. Love, PK

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