Before I post anything I want to remember my  Aunt Michelle, I want to always remember her smile and bubbly personality but more than anything I want to acknowledge her tremendous faith! I want to thank her for always praying with my mother and standing in faith that God is a healer. And for passing her faith in God’s word to all those that came in contact with her. She is now in Heaven and has been “Kissed by Jesus“. Nicole, Brenda, Marcus and Mathew-I love you guys!

Here are some pictures from the Raphael Saadiq concert I attended last week!

What I Wore: Dress-Thrifted ($9.90), Shoes-Cole Haan (Thrifted $6.30), Belt-Thrifted ($3.90), Purse-Gift from a friend

The dress was longer so I shortened it and I am in love with it!

Tara, Me, Angie 
This is our famous pose! LOL
I love the CHEESE!


Fabulously Yours,


3 thoughts on “Today

  1. I will miss my friend, Michelle also. I met her some forty years ago. I knew her mom, sisters, a couple of her brothers but she was family so her family is mine as well. She spent the night at my home when we all were single. She was so cute that people just wanted to pick her up and carry her around. Jesus did that yesterday and we will keep her smile in our hearts forever. Thanks for this, Karen. Please do a class on THRIFTING. I absolutely love that dress and you said it was longer…that’s just what I need. I admire you so much. Aunt Kathy

  2. Yes Aunt Michelle will be missed and I am glad she has been kissed by Jesus and she is in love with Jesus. I love you Aunt Michelle, To my cousins Nicole, Brenda, Marcus and Matthew I love you sooooooooooo much and I will be here to support you all, any way I can. You guys are Blessed to have a Mother of FAITH and her prayers will always be heard and will manifest.

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