Brunch & DC Design For A Cure

Hey! Hey! Hey! Happy Tuesday everybody!  I want to remind you all about tomorrow’s DC Design For A Cure event. If you plan on attending please get your ticket ASAP!

This past Sunday I had a meeting with the ladies I will be working with for DC Design for a Cure, where we discussed all the logistics for the event. And of course since it was at my favorite place Eatonville, you know I had to share some pictures!!

I love the artwork and the fans that sway back and forth on the ceiling are super cute! Be sure to look up next time you go!

This is what I had for breakfast! I had to have the Mac N Cheese, that’s my favorite and yes I indulged on some bread! I didn’t really eat the eggs. And I couldn’t skip out on my favorite drink, the lavender lemonade!

Me and the ladies, including Zora herself (see her pic on the wall behind us).

And me always with a cheese!

Me and Ny! She is cheesing just as hard as me! I love it!

Fabulously Yours,


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