Birthday Highlights

Another birthday has come and gone but again I am thankful I am here to see another day! It was another exciting and memorable day that started off great and ended well….let’s just say I had a GOOD time!  Unfortunately in the midst of all the celebrating I was only able to get one good photo. 

I am not sure what happened after this but I know we definitely enjoyed ourselves, which is all that matters.

This past Sunday my family and I went to Yellowfin restaurant in Edgewater, MD.  I must say the view was spectacular and the food was delicious.  If you are in the area I recommend that you check it out and the lobster maccaroni is YUMMY! 

Karsyn and my niece Maya are little fashionista’s in the making.  Karsyn loves to mimic mommy as you can see with her little purse.  I can’t take her!

 I have to get on the photographer (who happens to be my 12 year old nephew), in every picture my eyes were closed or I wasn’t prepared.  Needless to say this was one of my best outfit looks, despite my eyes being closed.  I may need to hire a new photographer. 

Thanks to all my family and friends for making this another GREAT birthday!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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