Lauriol Plaza-Dinner with the Fam!

After a long weekend with my nephew Noah it was refreshing to have some adult time!  It was the last celebration of Jonice’s 25th birthday, so a few of her friends and the family got together at Lauriol Plaza for dinner.

I had no idea what to wear and my hair had been up all weekend, so I decided to wear it down! And I finally pulled out my summer sandles and decided to wear my gold shoes by BCBG that I bought brand new from a thrift store about 2 years ago! As I mentioned last week, this is another one of my shirts I bought from Rainbow. I love this shirt! And my little dress is sometimes worn as a shirt, I am sure it’s really a tunic but since I am short I wear it as a dress!

Me and my no make-up wearing self! Yes sometimes make-up artists go without mascara! My hair hides all my flaws! LOL!

The Food!

Shrimp & crab Quesadilla! And I love me some sweet plantains! Yummers!

The Fam! 

My Mommy’s name is Sandy, so we had to take a picture in front of the Sandy’s Flowers sign! Doesn’t she look super cute!

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “Lauriol Plaza-Dinner with the Fam!

  1. Great pictures Karen and yes we did have fun its good when family can get together and have laughter. I really enjoyed my food as well and that was my second time there going back real soon.

  2. I have to admit, I am glad to see the FYI family that I have known for years grow older and blossom into handsome young mean and women, but between MAYA yesterday and Jonice being TWENTY FIVE… a lady has to remind herself that she is as young as she feels (and still looks *wink*)! Glad yall had fun. Can’t wait to see everyone again.

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