Pretty in Pink

When I was in 8th grade I don’t remember going to an end of the year dance.  Well my niece sure did have an 8th grade dance this past Friday at the Greenbelt Marriott.  I was amazed that schools still host such nice functions outside of the senior prom.  Okay I am feeling a little cheated that I did not have a dance in middle school — okay maybe not! 

Anyway my niece, Maya found this great dress weeks ago and she asked me to help her find shoes and accessories.  We found this ah-mazing necklace from Dots.  Watch out Maya, I just might have to borrow this from you.  The bag I purchased from Aldo a few years ago just never had a chance to wear which I don’t know why because it is a great metallic color that can be worn with many different looks.  The shoes are from DSW and such a great neutral staple to have in your closet, besides you can never go wrong with a mary jane style heel.


My little girl is all grown up, she is just pretty in pink!

Dani C’s Look: Dress – Target; Belt Thrifted; Jewelry – Target & H

My look was all about comfort, you can’t tell from this picture but I was feeling miserable.  All I wanted to do was get in the bed and sleep due to allergies but of course I had to see my little girl off to her first big dance.  I am glad to report she had a good time!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. All three of you look great. My son had an 8th grade dance but Montgomery County’s Rosa Parks Middle School had it in their Auditorium. Did they have to pay for the Marriott as individuals? Sounds spectacular. But I don’t feel cheated. Our 8th grade dance was in St. Gabriel’s Catholic School Auditorium and I still remember it even though it wasn’t anything special. Many blessings to Maya and the whole family. PK

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