Friday Favorites

What a week it has been! Today’s post is going to be all about make-up! Actually my favorite make-up items of the week and articles that was shared by some of FYI’s daily readers! Thanks for spreading the news ladies!

First up if you don’t follow us on twitter, then I am sure you didn’t get the tweet about my new Milani Eyebrow Kit! Can I just say it’s ah-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! I love it! First off it has two eyebrow color options, a brow highlighter, a sponge application, an angled brow brush and a mirror. Everything you need to make the brows fabulous! It comes in light, medium and dark.  I use Dark 03 and I love how I can mix two colors together to get that perfect shade! And it only cost me about $6 from Target.

Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit, Dark 03, 1 Set

And secondly my good pal Angie shared this article Red Lips For Everyone. Some believe that red lips aren’t for everyone but in my opinion every woman should own a shade of red lipstick! I mean it comes in several different colors, some are a brown red, purple-red, pink red, red red (did I just make up my own variations of red). I think that everyone should one day wear a shade of red lipstick even if it’s around the house cleaning ( I mean I wear my sequence skirt while I clean the house all the time-it makes cleaning fun!). By all means read the article and choose a color to wear out on the town or window washing!

My favorite reds: MAC’s Ruby Woo, Wet& Wild Spotlight Red, Kat Von D’s Underage Red, and my new favorite Dior’s Red Muse.

Here is an old picture of me wearing Kat Von D’s Underage Red or MAC’s Ruby Woo!

K.Marie’s Look:Lace Blouse-Thrfited;Lace skirt-Thrifted; Leather Jacket-Target;Red pumps-Shoedazzle; Fishnets-Torrid; Belts-Not Sure
I hope you enjoy your weekend!
Fabulously Yours,


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