Fabulous Monday Makeover: Refreshing, Renewing

 Saturday morning I went BELLY DANCING with my friend Donne! I have never experienced anything like Belly Dancing before.  After I signed in for  class I was given a sheet of paper where I was told to write on one side everything I wanted to release from my life and on the other side things I wanted to manifest in my life. I loved the idea immediately and got to writing and then I  placed my folded paper in a bowl!

After writing we all gathered to get ready for  class. I was in a room with beautiful people of all colors and shapes and personalities and I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! The teacher first talked to us about loving ourselves and growing as woman! She was so encouraging, I wanted to just hug her! AND THEN CLASS BEGAN! The music started and we began to dance and dance and can I tell you nothing else mattered!  With each movement I become more and more alive, my heart raced, my body dripped and all I could do was smile, and dance and dance!

When the class was over  me and Donne were dripping wet!  I could see how refreshed she was and I just felt so free! I felt like I was so renewed, like I sweated off all my worries and all my frustrations, just everything was released!

Once everyone had finished drinking water and putting on their shoes we headed outside! I bought this shirt before class began! I love it! Got Hips! I sure got plenty and then some on top!! LOL

As we were outside we gathered in a circle, locked hands and prayed. And then we set a match to every single piece of paper! We released all the things we wanted to leave our lives and grabbed on to what we wanted to manifest! WOW! So refreshing!

If you have never tried belly dancing or if you did and didn’t like it, then clearly you were in the wrong place or you just didn’t allow your body and mind the freedom it needed!

       If your interested in trying Belly Dancing you need to make a visit to 

   Sunyatta’s MamaSita Movement & Wellness Studio

This is me and Dr. Sunyatta on Saturday. The picture is blurry but so what! She totally pushed my stomach in and lifted my boobs and then we took the picture! Already I love this woman! LOL

 “The minute people start moving they feel energetic, refreshed and renewed,”stated Dr. Sunyatta.

I feel just as she said: ENERGETIC, REFRESHED and RENEWED!

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Monday Makeover: Refreshing, Renewing

  1. I’m in love with the dude in the pics. When I go with you and Donne’, I am going to try to stand by him!!! Yep! Like I told you on Saturday, I LOVE dance workouts!!! It doesn’t feel much like “work” at all.

  2. Wow I have never been but would love to try it looks like fun. Maybe Kathy and I can go sometime together and do it that would be fun.

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