Orange You Just Lovely!

I stated a few days ago that I took my little one shopping on Saturday but of course I couldn’t resist, I just had to purchase something for myself.  I think I am addicted to shopping….admitting that you have a problem, correct?  I told myself I was NOT going to go in H&M and the next thing I know, I am in the store scanning the racks…sigh!  Lo and behold I came across the most amazing orange blazer, which I have been searching far and wide to find. 

I just love the fact that it is a bright orange, you all know how I feel about a pop of color! 

Tribal prints are a big trend this summer and I found a great pair of shorts for $12.  The clearance rack and sales are my best friend.  I always look for sales to get the latest trends and this is one trend I am really loving right now. 

I think I am going to pair the blazer with the shorts, so what do you think!?!?

I did say in the beginning I was addicted to shopping, right!?!?  Well I purchased 2 pair of shoes recently as well from DSW.  They were on clearance so I couldn’t pass it up,well at least that is what I am telling myself.

Okay, I think I have a total outfit put together, now I just need to find an event in which to wear this look.  I can’t wait!

Between pops of color and nude tones I don’t know which trend I am focused on more.  But these nude wedges were just calling my name.  They said “Dani C. Buy Me” and I did!

I hope you ladies get just as excited as I do about shopping!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C. 

One thought on “Orange You Just Lovely!

  1. I do absolutely love those nude sandals. The blazer may be a tad warm on right now unless you wear it with just a bra underneath (Hopefully not!) I think you’ll really rock those tribals shorts. Looking forward to the blog when they’re included. Enjoy!!! PK

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