Day of Pampering

This past weekend Dani C., myself and Angie (close friend) were invited to attend the National Organization of Concerned Black Men ” Day of Pampering” for the parents of their fatherhood and mentoring programs. We set up a table and gave one on one consultations about fashion and beauty. I wish I had more pictures to share but the photographer of the event informed us that he lost his camera! So saaaaaaaaaaad, I am sure he took plenty of candid shots.

However, Dani C. took a few pictures so we have something to show you. Dani C. was working the makeup! And I am loving the Revlon Photo Ready Foundation! Pahlease try it! It’s the BOMB.COM


The event was a lot of fun! We had our table set up with great tips about fashion and beauty! We had a line around the gym of ladies waiting to sit down for a one on one with us! My friend Angie was such a great help during the event, she gave a few of her own make-up tips as well! And Dani C. was on a roll with giving fashion tips! The ladies seemed pleased and excited to learn about how to be FABULOUS!

The next time we have an event we will be sure to invite you all out!

Fabulously Yours,


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