After seeing Erykah Badu in Atlantic City at the House of Blues on this past Saturday, I learned to live my life out loud with a scream! And I lie to you not, I was awakened 2x on Monday night from a dream where I was screaming. Not a scary scream but a scream that says, I am alive, I am here, I am almost (realistically speaking) everything I am supposed to be!

Outfit: Shirt-Burlington; Jeans-Rainbow; Shoes-Hechts (years ago); Jewelry DC Vendor, Gifted by friends; Woman in the photo-A gift to the world by God!

Ms. Badu puts on an amazing show, its like not even a show it’s more like seeing her in a personal setting, being who she is naturally, there aren’t any onstage fillers, dancers trying to get you pumped or a big screen with moving images, it’s just the band and her just being who God created them to be! There is no alter ego on stage, it’s just simply put ERYKAH BADU!

 Normally I go to shows and I feel the music but rarely take anything away with me but only that normal concert sensation. But this time I took away the fact that it’s so important to believe in yourself, to scream your name out loud as loud as you possible can, throw your hands in the air and scream. Trust me since the show I have screamed my name out loud, I have just screamed to the top of my lungs for no apparent reason! And her style is like no other, such an inspiration! I love her pants!

Sometimes it’s necessary to repeat yourself over and over again because your working on believing  in your own words–so if your tired of me talking about screaming my name get over yourself as my sister Shana likes to say! AND SCREAM YOUR NAME!

 I love her facial expression! Yes Erykah I feel you girl!

A Fabulous Scream,



  1. I love this post…(and not just cause I am in the pics…LOL) I can’t scream right now as I am presently living that CUBICLE life wit it!

    • Well if you cant scream, wisper it or hmmmm it—I mean you may look and sound crazy doing it but who cares–do it anyways!

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