Sooooooooul Traaaaaaaaaain!

I know these past couple of weeks have been about our summer fun and not so much about fashion and beauty tips but we promise to get back to business! We are just having a little fun and showing yall what summer is all about, looking good and having a blast!

Don Cornelius, founder and host of Soul Train.

Well since I got that off my chest lets talk about The  “Soul Train” Smithsonian Folklife Festival that me and two of my homegirls, Quest Love and a few other folks attended. I enjoyed being out and about last Thursday night to learn more about the show that I was so pressed to watch as a kid on Saturday mornings. Me and my siblings used to get down on it!!  Those were good times! Anyhoo, I had a good time learning how to do the  bump and loose booty. And can I say Soul Train brought out a very diverse crowd that weren’t afraid to shake it!

There was a panel discussion and since I arrived after the fact, I have no idea what it was about!

After the panel discussion the music started up,  Tyrone “the Bone” Proctor, an original “Soul Train” dancer got the crowd pumped! And we all started to boogie! It was such a diverse crowd and together we learned how to do the Bump, the Loose Booty, the Robot and the Funky Chicken. 

This guy was getting it in! I love his tambourine and his facial expression! Get it! He had me cracking up talking about he was in the witness protection program!   Baaahahahahahah!

Tara and Angie were grooving! I love it!

Don’t we look cute! CHEESE!

And here I am, I bought this shirt about 3 years ago and have no idea where it came from but I love the color! I bought the bag from Forever 21 and hated it on contact but of course it costs to return it so I kept it! LOL

I hope yall aren’t just waiting around until Saturday to have some fun, get out and about any day of the week! Enjoy summer!



P.S. The event was in celebration of a  donation of artifacts from the popular 1970s-era TV show to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

 Fabulously Yours,


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