Happy FroDay!

My hair has been a mess all week, all month…all day everyday I don’t know what else to say! So this morning I woke up at 6:30am and decided to wash my hair, comb it and just let it be!

Last week at the African-American Festival, Miss Jessie’s had a booth and were giving out free samples, and of course this morning I did a test on my hair with the Curly Pudding and it didn’t work! I don’t know if it’s because I was rushing and only did a strand test but it wasn’t the business! So I used Pure Shea Butter and Natures Blessing instead and as you can see it made my hair look and feel absolutely beautiful! I guess products that are close to nature work best on my hair! So Happy FroDay everybody!

This is me today in all black and a fro= a sweaty neck! LOL


 The photo below was taken on the 4th of July, this is wash and go and don’t comb hair which made it difficult all week to put in a bun! A big ol mess!


Have a great weekend!

Fabulous and in Love with my FRO,


2 thoughts on “Happy FroDay!

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  2. I’ve never used Miss Jessie’s products I live in the UK and they are mega expensive and only available online…I like to smell things and see them first; also I’ve read they contain mineral oils…which dry my hair and cause an allergic reaction on my face and scalp *sigh* sad times lol I’d try it for free though lool then buy it if it worked etc. I’ve been hearing..well reading, that they are gonna bring out a line without the mineral oils so maybe once that happens I’ll try it…I mean have you seen the pics on their website lol.

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