Soul,Life,Love, Live It!

I have really been on this soul, life, love, live it search! Like the world is mine, like it has been waiting for me to find it, to find all the things that make me happy, to embrace new things and shed off old things. It’s such a beautiful feeling, when you finally feel like you never have to make excuses for being who you are. A friend of mine said he was a DWEEB (a nerd, bookworm) and wasn’t afraid to admit it, well I am a square. I have had so many people call me that over the past couple of weeks and now that I think about it-I am an eclectic square that lives outside the box but I have boundaries that I don’t cross!

I know I say it often enough that your tired of hearing it “Be yourself, love yourself, embrace all your flaws and shed away everything you don’t like and embrace new things and always be about change”.

This is me today in red and white! White Tank, White Cardigan-Rainbow, Red Skirt-ASOS, Red Shoes-Payless

Fabulously Yours,


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