Fabulous Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everybody!

K.Marie’s Friday Favorites:

I am in freaking love with this shirt! I mean look at it, it’s so cute. Ever since the  Glitter Guide came out I have been on the hunt for some sequence and glitter!

After seeing pants Erykah Badu had on at her show, I have been obsessed with finding something similar! I mean those pants are so unique aint no way I am going to find an exact replica  so I will settle for these  tribal pants from Torrid for $25 instead!

Not quite as HOT as Badu’s pants but they will do for now!


Dani C.’s Favorites:

I am in LOVE with the  Jessica Simpson shoe collection, they are stylish yet comfortable.  And this nude mary jane pump is no exception.  An update to a classic shoe, you can’t ask for anything more.  I have yet to be disappointed with a JC shoe purchase.  I just need them to go on sale, at $98 that doesn’t fit into my fabulous budget at this time. 

I wear a lot of pencil skirts, they are a staple in any woman’s closet.  I am working on getting one in every color and this cobalt blue pencil skirt from ASOS is my next addition.  I know I should not have Fall on the brain in mid July but I can’t wait to incorporate jewel tone colors like this skirt into my wardrobe.

So ladies we revealed our Fabulous Favorites tell us some of yours?

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C. and K. Marie

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