Sunday Blues

We all have those days where we feel a little off and it shows in every sense of the word!  Well that is exactly how I felt on Sunday when I wore this outfit to church.   I am not sure if it was just too dull and toned down for me or I just didn’t like the color combination.  Let’s face it there are times when we miss the mark however we pick up the pieces and keep going.  And that is exactly what I did!!  Although I  did not like how it turned out, I wore my outfit with confidence and made the best of my Sunday Blues.

We all have those days in which we pull together a look and later on ask the questions “what was I thinking”. That is the great thing about having your own style, you can have a style mishap while still feeling confident and effortlessly chic.  No one will ever know you were having an off day!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.


One thought on “Sunday Blues

  1. You look MARVELOUS!!! The dress doesn’t overshadow The Lord on HIS day so that’s a good thing plus it’s cool and stylish. Was it black or navy blue? Navy blue does that to me. My complexion cannot hang with navy blue but you look GREAT. It was wonderful meeting you and little Sister Karsyn Saturday. Love, PK

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