A Family Affair

One of the best things about summer is spending time with FAMILY and FRIENDS! This past weekend Dani C. and I got together to celebrate our cousin Ayriel’s graduation from High School and her acceptance into Hampton University !I felt like the official camera gal of the day, I was snapping pictures all day! My dad even gave me a quick photography lesson.

And of course me and Dani C. had to snap a few pictures of ourselves to share with you all!

But I will say my cousins really stepped it up with their personal style!

I love my cousin Nicole’s hat and her necklace!  She was really doing it up!

I just love this picture of my mom and her sisters. They are so funny, they were like you stand her, don’t put 2 fingers behind my head, I was like omgaaaa please just smile for the picture!

And here is me and Daddy in his pink shirt, well he called it fuchsia! And at this point I was so hot and sweaty and my Dad kept making my cousin take the picture over and over again! I was like ummm the sun is shining right down on me!! Geesh!

I just love Miki’s earrings, I heard she insisted on wearing her Mom’s earrings, already she knows what she likes! And the earrings look super cute with her sundress! I wish I would have taken a picture of Shawnell’s outfit-it was super cute!

Oh and I couldn’t forget this cute picture of Dani C. and Karsyn!

Spend time with family as much as you can and don’t ever take them for granted, love them and cherish them forever. And if they are sinking, swim to rescue them and if they need you to carry them across shore than do it! God will give you all the strength needed!

Fabulously Yours,



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