Fabulous at 60

This past Saturday was a day filled with celebration, from our cousins graduation party to a surprise birthday party for my friends mother.  It is truly a blessing to make it to 60 six years of life and still enjoy life to the fullest.  The party was great, she was truly surprised and you can’t ask for anything more!!!  Thanks to Nicole for giving her mother a great celebration that included close family and friends.

I struggled to find something to wear for this event but I refused to purchase a new outfit.  I was determined to use what I currently had in my closet and I think the look came together very well.   When the invite states after 5 cocktail attire people always gravitate towards black, but we all know I LOVE color therefore I had to switch it up a bit.

Britt found this great dress at Marshalls on our girls trip to NY back in May.  It looks really good on her!!!

I really am unsure how Jenn and Nicole’s pictures came out so fuzzy, I really wanted to show the great looks they put together as well, so please forgive the picture quality.  We all know I love leopard print and pink, so of course I had my eye on Jenn’s dress.  The best part is she purchased it from Charlotte Russe, can you say well within my price range!!  I love how Nic paired the navy blue/white with a pop of color in her shoes!

Lysi had on a great necklace to bring out the season’s biggest trend, colorblocking.  I really want this necklace she has on, which means I will be venturing to a South Moon Under in the very near future or better yet Lisi can pass this great find over to me!

Each time the ladies go out, we almost always take a group shot.  Birds of a feather flock together, it is quite apparent no one in the group is camera-shy.

I can’t forget about the cake, let me just say it was AMAZING!  It was yellow cake, with whip cream icing and fresh strawberries, YUMMY!

Judging from this photo, we really had a good time on the dance floor!

One can only hope to still be fabulous at 60.  Happy Birthday to Nic’s mom, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Fabulously Yours,

Dani C.

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