Hot Pink Friday!


Happy Friday my FYI loves!

Hot Pink is one of my favorite colors and it’s perfect for summer! And not to mention this shirt only costs me $3.60 from the thrift store.  I paired it with my black jeans and my BCBG sandles that I purchased brand new from the thrift store years ago, the cost was under $10!

If you haven’t already done so–check out the thrift store for amazing finds and great prices!

Side Bar:

Should I wear the shirt open or closed? I surely couldn’t make a decision this morning!

(Thanks Nate for taking these pics with your IPHONE-I love fun coworkers)

Fabulously Yours,



5 thoughts on “Hot Pink Friday!

  1. You look beautiful as always and yes I too love pink and you are so pretty in pink. I need your help at the thrift store I don’t know what to look for. Thanks my love

  2. You look like a modern day Pink Ladies from Grease when you have it open (which you know I love) and seeing a long line of black makes you look taller. I say KEEP IT OPEN! Either way you’re working it!

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