Don’t Throw It Away……

After church on Sunday! Shirt-Rainbow, Skirt-Torrid, Pumps-Shoedazzle, Necklace-Gifted, Purse-Forever 21

I take my camera to work everyday, in hopes of capturing something beautiful that the earth has yielded for the summer! So when summer is over I can look back at beautiful trees and flowers and birds. I know that’s a bit much, but I can’t help who I am.

Anyways as I was passing Starbucks on Tuesday I saw this beautiful sunflower(my favorite) in a milk jug, just sitting on the table. It was beautiful, someone had just left it there for all to enjoy!

And as I passed Starbucks on Friday I was hoping to see it, but it wasnt there.  But as I passed the trash, there it was! Someone had tossed it away, something so beautiful was there  in the trash  full of all sort of grossness! I know that when you pull a flower up from its roots it will eventually die but something about seeing it full of life and beauty one day and then seeing it trashed the next day sparked something in my heart! I thought  “Wow, how many times have I allowed myself to become nothing but a beautiful flower thrown into the trash.”

Don’t throw away your beauty, don’t give it away to someone or something that doesn’t deserve you. Stay connected to God, He will keep you rooted and in Him you will flourish and grow more and more beautiful.

After I passed this flower in the trash, I kept seeing it every where I went. But the one thing that brought the biggest smile to my face was on Friday, my special friend surprised me at that metro station with SUNFLOWERS and he said to me “Your just as beautiful as these flowers.”

Remember-Don’t throw away the beauty of who you are!

Fabulously Yours,


2 thoughts on “Don’t Throw It Away……

  1. What a beautiful post I loved it almost cried with the words you spoke with such wisdom. You are truly my daughter I love you another job well done.

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