Uptown Event Photos

Good day loves! I attended the Uptown Event last night with the ladies of Platform Hair & Make-Up Artists! Fun times! I did eye demos all night long in the heat in a shared little space but all in all, I love-making people feel pretty! So it was worth it! But of course when your working it’s hard to take pictures, so I did my best and got a few in when I could.

Me and Lenny go way back! I love him!

My hair was doing its own thing until Ny did a quick up do for me! That girl can work some hair!

 I love this look!

My outfit-Is a mess! I literally pulled it out the closet and kept it moving!

I love these earrings-I haven't worn them all year!

I wish I had more pictures to share but we literally took these at the end of the night! I am always trying to get a few pics in to share with you guys!

My eye shadow is Daphne by Nars with a Toki Doki purple pigment on top, it really made the color pop and my lipstick is Sonia Kushuk’s Truffle! Coming from work and straight to an event, always means I am rushing to put makeup on and to change my clothes! But I did it and I made it on time!

Fabulously Yours,


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