DC Street Style

Since summer has begun, I have been a bit annoyed at young girls walking around with everything hanging out or young men showing off their underpants in the least flattering way ever! PULL YOUR PANTS UP!!!

But last week I came across these cute high schoolers from DC! They were super cute and I had to take a picture of them! There styles are so on point! The girls looked adorable dressed in a jump suit and a cute denim dress with a head wrap. And the boys looked great as well–don’t you just love the skateboard?

I am hoping to hear back from these kids soon,I emailed them a few times and didn’t get a response! Well at least some youngins are doing it right and keeping the tatas locked down and keeping the pants pulled up!

Have a fun weekend! MUAH!

Fabulously Yours,


3 thoughts on “DC Street Style

  1. They are WAY cute. Love this jumper. I need to get some made. Gotta accomodate these hips and small shoulders. I need to find that site I sent you that alters their clothes according to your measurements.

    • I know a lady! Angie if you give her a picture of what you want she will take your measurements and make it happen!

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