We Love You Deedee!

This weekend we celebrated Dolores A.K.A Deedee!! What an adventurous weekend, it started off on Saturday at Massage Envy and then lunch at the  Cheesecake Factory to dinner at Marrakesh Palace in DC! And to top it all off on Sunday we enjoyed some laughs with Martin Lawrence!

Marrakesh Palace is such a great restaurant for large parties! The ambience is beautiful and the food was amazing! It’s nice to try new things and not limit yourself to the same old boring meal!

Dolores deserves only the best of everything! Happy Birthday again and again! I love you BFFC (Best Friend Forever Cousin)!

Doesn’t she look cute in her romper!

 The rest of the crew! 

Sisterly Love! 

And you know I loved the Belly dancing!

Beautiful lighting!

And then there is me! I wore my ASOS dress that I purchased earlier this year and paired it with my studded belt that has been in my closet for over 10 years along with my black booties. I styled this dress a little differently this time around! And I intensified my Kat Von D A Go-Go lipstick by adding it straight to my lips without putting gloss on first! And yall know how much I love my Wet&Wild Bronzer–see how it pops on my cheeks!

And me and my sweety!

Again Delores I love you, you’re a great mother, great friend and an awesome example of perseverance!

Fabulously Yours,


6 thoughts on “We Love You Deedee!

  1. I didn’t event catch “sweaty”, I automatically read “sweety” .. but now I am laughing so hard at “sweaty”!!! hahahaa…. Karen, love the lip color and the blush!

  2. Thank you very very very much to everyone who made my Birthday weekend FABULOUS. I have the best cousins, sister and friends in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys so much. WORDS will never ever express how thankful and Blessed I am.

    Now Karen I am with SIS Kathy please know that Terry is your sweetie and not your SWEATY. (LOL)

    Love always,


  3. OOOOOOOOOOO how CAN I forget the Carolina Kitchen “WOBBLE WIT IT ” BIRTHDAY SONG HHAHAHAH LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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