Wow…the glitz the glamour

As you all know it is well into Wednesday and I am just posting today’s post! I have been all over the place today as well as trying to work from home. That earthquake has interrupted my work life and has set me back a bit!

However, I couldn’t let this day pass without sharing my thoughts with you! I am in love with glitter shoes! I want a pair, I need a pair, I am getting a pair!

But since I live in a parallel world, I can’t afford a high-end pair and I need to stay under budget!

Here is what I found in the world of glitter and glitz!

Miu Mui Glitter & Suede Bow Peep Toe Ankle Boots

Mui Mui Glitter & Suede Peep Toe Booties

Miu Miu 

And these wonderful BeBe shoes aren’t available until November according to The Shoe Girl!

I am still looking for an affordable pair and when I do I will certainly share! Next week I have some awesome things to share with you all as I am gearing up for fall!

Fabulously Yours,


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