I am honored to be given the chance to speak to K Marie’s audience today.

Good morning guys and dolls!!! I am guest blogger “Anjidextrous” and I am the PERFECT 10!!! I know that’s a stretch to call yourself a “10”, but if you don’t who will?  Like Paul Dee said in the book/movie Beloved, “You are your BEST thing!” Everyone reading this, you are a 10 too!  Take a moment and say it to yourself, “I am (your name) and I am the perfect 10.”

Now that we have that established, let’s get down to the REAL subject of this blog- SHOPPING!!!  Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I can find almost anything for $10(give or take $5).  I am pretty sure that is a divine gift.  I do it with way too much ease for it to be anything less!  Below are just a few of my most recent $10 dollar finds!


Brand new Via Spiga Gold Platform Sandals (Super Comfy, by the way) $13.99

And lastly, my Coup De Gras- Cole Haan LEOPARD Penny loafers  for????  YOU GUESSED IT! $9.99

Look out for “$10 Tuesdays” on my blog ( which will go live on September 13, 2011!

Peace LOVE (God) and Light!


6 thoughts on “The PERFECT 10

  1. You’re welcome Pastor! It’s very cute one too!

    Leida, I LOVE it. It’s way fun. I think I am going to solicit some $10 challenges for fun.

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