DC Street Style

Happy Friday yall! Did you hear me? Happy Friday yall!!!!! Friday is music to my ears!

Anyways, I love family traditions, I think I just love my family in general! Me and my cousin Nicole have started a new tradition of our own, meeting for dinner on Mondays! We get together to just chat it up about everything life holds! We laugh about good times past and present and just share our hearts in general. As kids we used to call each other “soul mates” in which we still do! She was living in Chicago for some time and we didn’t talk as much but I am thankful to have her back and now we are re kindling our soul mate fire!!

 Okay let me get to the point of it all and that is to share with you her personal style! She  always has on the cutest combinations, and has every color hat I can think of!

Her hat in this picture adds that special touch that changes basic black and gray into something worth copying. I love the layed back feel to this outfit! Doesn’t she look great!


 And I love her Jordans,I didn’t even know Jordan made shoes like this! She said they come in other colors. A nice twist on a basic black shoe–looks very comfy!

 And of course the meal we shared was thebomb.com. Have you ever been to Dukem on U Street? If you love Ethiopian food or if you need to stretch yourself beyond a cheeseburger-you must partake in a meal there. We ordered the Vegetable Platter with Fish! 

Well love there you have it! DC Street Style with a twist on Family Tradition!

 Fabulously Yours,


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