The No Title Post!


Little by little I am changing my eating habits and watching what I put into my system. Change doesn’t come as instant as we want but within time and more effort everyday your bound to see the change you want.

I have a thing about big chain grocery stores, I have always hated them! Like really, I go and its so big and its hard to figure out what to buy. I know this sounds weird and awkward but I think I am just that a little weird and some what awkward! LOL.

Lately, I have been a big shopper at Trader Joes and now Takoma Park Co-op. I love buying my produce and fruit locally and in season. And at the co-op I love that a lot of the things are locally made!

A few weeks back Trader Joe’s had this AMAZING ice cream called Lemon Ginger with ginger snaps! I went back to buy it but it was an item on special! So saaaaaad it was so good!

Well as I was touring the Takoma Park Co-op I came across Moorenkos Ginger  Icecream, it didn’t have ginger snaps in it but it was my new favorite ice cream I had to get it! And don’t let me forget to mention, it was made in Silver Spring, MD!  I have NEVER had locally made icecream! It cost about $5 but it was well worth it! I of course added Mi-Del Gluten-Free Ginger Snap cookies! I had too!

Let me just say  it was such a great treat and I think I just might take Noah(nephew) to Moorenkos Cafe this weekend! I know summer is out the door but they stay open all year around!

I hope you visit your local co-op or come visit mine in Takoma Park, MD! You won’t be disappointed and your body will thank you-at some point in life!

Fabulously Yours,


5 thoughts on “The No Title Post!

    • Iam telling you—I love that icecream! It is so delish! I will try Hagen Daaz—I love that the Moorekan ice cream has no hormones.

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