Side Bar Conversation

The last time it rained this hard, me and my co-worker sang “It’s raining men, hallelujah, it’s raining men”! And my other co-workers told me I couldn’t eat anymore donuts around them because I am like a kid high on sugar!

Anypooooo,  As I am writing this email I am on the Z11 bus stuck in ugly traffic,since my job moved downtown dc I have been late to work almost everyday. I leave out earlier and earlier everyday but it still doesn’t work out for me! I guess I need to leave out the house at 6:15am to make it to work 45minutes early just so I can be there on time! That kind of sucks! But I have always enjoyed the peace and quiet in the office before everyone gets there!

Well anyways I am due for a new hair style, my hair is a UGLY MESS! Just like it always is after I take the old style out so Saturday I bought this turban and pendant, in order to hide it! I wore it on Sunday, not sure if I am a big fan of it yet, but it hid the unmentioned matted nightmare under it!

What do yall think of it? I had a better picture to show but for some reason or another I had a few difficulties trying to edit the images.

Well I just saw an  ambulance pass, I am assuming there is an accident ahead, so I might as well get comfy and whip out my book- Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know-very interesting read!

Well loves and other hags, enjoy the rain and meet me outside for an evening dance in all the puddles! When I have kids this will be a mandatory outing after it rains!



6 thoughts on “Side Bar Conversation

  1. Cute! I have an appointment with Anela this Saturday. It is WAY too early, but it will help me to avoid the PUFF! I will be going with my aunt to a Dominican shop up here in R’ville once it gets cold. As you know, humidity + straight hair = FAIL (for me at least)

    • I am going to straigten my hair this fall as well…..Donne got hers done over the summer and it LASTED!!!! The hotness!

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