I’d Rather Be……….

Man, oh man, the weather is has changed! I am a believer now that summer has gone away, oh how I will miss thee! Although I was busy this weekend, with my niece b-day party, I still pulled out a few of my fall/winter boxes. I have no idea what I was wearing last year because I just feel as though I have nothing worthy of wearing right now! Oh and my shoe game is on Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HELP!

Anyways, Angie came over on Sunday and we put together our vision boards for Fall. I know I mentioned my Harper’s Bazaar magazine on Friday but I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up into pieces just yet, so I used my other magazines instead! And since I pulled out some of my fall wardrobe, I knew exactly what I needed to put on my board.

I need: blouses, blouses, blouses and of course pants galore! I have enough skirts but I do need a gray and green skirt!I also am in love with wearing one shade of color from head to toe! I am looking forward to really playing around with this trend!

Oh and don’t let me forget shoes! I actually found a few pairs from Bass that I HAVE TO HAVE this year! I know yall are looking at these shoes and thinking “What in the world” but I love them! I just want to create a fresh new look for myself!

Angie’s board was cute with lots of cute colored pants and some cute Tea Dresses! She brought over some cute tie front blouses that she bought from the thrift store! I so wish I would have taken some pictures of them! Tie front blouses are a must for me!


I love that green dress on her board! I so hope I can find some green this season! Pray for me!

She also had some cute little sayings on her board that I absolutely loved, and not to mention she gave me some cute butterfly stickers!

Be the girl you were too lazy to be yesterday! I just love that, I mean yall know I am working on being polished and fabulous everyday! And with a little planning, I am well on my way! Maybe I will do a challenge next month called Fabulous & Polished Everyday! And I will take a month full of pictures to prove it! Hmmmmmm! Should I do it?

And lastlyI’D RATHER BE SHOPPING! Aint that the truth, I am sure we are all sitting at our desks thinking about all the things we rather be doing!

Love you dolls and gents!

Fabulously Yours,


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