Fela-Megabomb Show!

Last night me and Donne went to see Fela at Shakespear Theatre! It was an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing show! Like seriously yall need to go, don’t let this show pass you by! The music will have your spirit jumping and your booty poppin’ for days! Trust! I woke up this morning like–OMGAAAAA what is my booty doing in the mirror! Baaaaaaaaahahahahh! I was gettin’ it! Yall know me, during the show I was like “YES, GET IT”, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-look how she doin’ it”, me and Donne had side lines for days! I couldn’t help it!

Not only did it make you want to join them on stage but it was enlightening. I loved the relationship between him and his mother! She was a very strong woman and taught her son lessons of life that carried him even beyond her death! He not only combined different genres of music together but he also bridged the struggles between Africans and African-Americans! I have read about Fela many years prior to seeing the show but to see it come life on stage was far greater than reading it in a book. Some of us may say “He had 27 wives, I can’t relate, I think that’s horrible and because of that I refuse to see the show, hear his music or partake in anything that has to do with him”. If this is your attitude then you will miss out on learning about a man who yes had his own personal struggles but despite his surroundings of war and death persevered anyways and became the FELA, the creator of Afrobeats!

I took pictures of the show but wasn’t able to capture the make-up or the costumes the ladies! My camera’s batteries were dead and I struggled to get the shots I did. I will share them tomorrow because the set was beautiful! I just loved the show! Anyways my girlfriend and I kept raving about the costumes, I couldn’t wait to get home and look up who the designer was! I mean the colors, the wraps the skirts! Just loved it all!

Well her name is Marina Draghici . She was the mastermind behind the beautiful array of color and style of dress that really gave movement and vision to the music of Fela Kuti! We were both like “Oooooo look at that, I want that and yessssss that is tight”! Here are some of my favorites that I pulled from online.

I love these head wraps, it amazes me how  fashion bloggers and magazines are raving about “turbans”-Sista’s been rocking head wraps forever!

This is the shot I tried to get but my camera died! I was blown! That darn orange jumpsuit is the hotness! Umm yeah I need that in my life! Isn’t that hot! And the chic in that skirt to the right of Fela–whaaaaaaaaaaaa! All over it!

His pants had a matching jacket that he  took off immediately! I aint mad at cha’ brotha! LOL I love the way her hair is wrapped and those earrings are so ME! And yall know I have a belt like that already! I need to pull that out! Hmmmmmmm–where is it?!?!?

Now if you look to the right the chic in the black with the half leg out–was working it the entire night! And her hair was cute!

You can really see her hair in this pic! Love that! And as you can see they had a little “Soul Train line” going on! Loved it!

And finally I love the array of colors in this picture! I am loving that white hat with that red see through shirt and purple bra! Love the contrasts.

I think I have said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and will talk about the make-up tomorrow!

Fabulously Yours,


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