The Everything Post……

Well tomorrow is the BIG DAY! It’s SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011! I can’t believe how fast September has passed me by! I have been so busy preparing for October. I want a fresh new look for FYI, a fresh new  look for my fall wardrobe, a fresh new hair do (not happening this weekend), new make-up and I hope you’re looking to have a fresh  new (fill in the blank).


THRIFTING: I did some thrifting last week and picked up some cute little pieces. I was waiting until October hit to share so next week check back with me. This week for me was a boring blogging experience but I KAREN MARIE MINOR promise to bring it in October!

A WEEK OF WEEKLY OUTFITS: Share my looks for 5 days straight–remember I said I wanted to do a “Fabulous Everyday” well I want to share my fabulous everyday looks with you all!

PHOTO SHOOTS: I have two shoots in October that I am looking forward to doing and sharing!

NEW CLOSET: I am finally making over my OWN closet–it has been looking a hot mess! My sweety/sweaty and I found a cute little table last week, I am hoping to paint it GOLD with hint of glitter. I want to put it in my closet some how! Angie and I were chatting this morning about our closets! Check out Essence September Issue’s article Create a Better Closet,  they give some great tips on getting organized.

FALL MAKE-UP TUTORIAL: I know, its long overdue. I have been asked over and over again for this! So I will conquer my fear and just make it happen already!

BLOGALICIOUS CONFERENCE: This is going to be amazing! I can’t wait! I cant wait to pack my bags, and get loaded up with a ton of information! I cant wait to share all the outfits I wore and Tweet the entire event! Okay and of course I am staying at the GAYLORD! PUMPED ALREADY! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

In Case you’re in need to makeover your closet check these sites out:

10 Minute Style Shedding

Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist

My Favorite Fall Looks to try:

I love the glossy eyes and bright pink lipstick! I am all about color and I am looking for a really really bright pink lipstick! I am going to stay true to my red but pink just might do it for me for fall!

And of course I need that deep berry lip that the models rocked at the Rachel Roy Fall Show!
And of course ever since Angie found her red pants at the thrift store for about $4.00(after the discount) I really have been obsessing over helping her style them! Another post I cant wait to share! I came across this picture and I have no idea where it came from! I love this look and will be trying to put something together similar!

Talk to you guys in October! Looking forward to our 1st Fall Season together!

Fabulously Yours,


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