A Fabulous Make-Up Trend!


Hello! Hello! Hello!
As fall creeps it’s cool breeze in I am sure we have put up our favorite summer finds (tip-some things can be worn under jackets or with tights) and pulled out our cute “grumpy old man” sweater that we loved dearly last year!

Well as you know with every change  comes transition not only in what we wear but also in how we dress our face.

 We may not be ready just yet to change-up our skin care regimen but a fresh new make-up look is a great way to prepare for the change of seasons.

The best way to find new make-up trends is to look through your favorite magazines. Now some looks are for runway or videos and need to be muted a bit for real life! I was the teenager that recreated Janet Jackson’s look in the “Scream” video! I was a daring teenager! I still crack up thinking about it!

Just as I do a vision board for my fall looks I also choose the latest make-up trends I want to try. In Harper Bazaars Fall/Winter Special Issue, I fell in love with the look that Makeup artist Tom Pecheux created for the Salvatore Ferragamo runway show.


 If you’re a magazine junkie I am sure you read about this look, the gray/silver smokey eye with white eyeliner! White eyeliner is the most slept on must have makeup item. It can instantly open up tired eyes!

I wanted to try this look, so I created this look in my own way! Always create the look according to your facial structure.

I chose a darker lipstick because I wanted a look for a night out on the town.

The products I used:
Eye primer: MAC Fawntastic
Eyeshadow: MAC Electra & Eyeliner: Rimmel Soft Kohl Penci in White
Lipstick: Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
Gloss: Bobby Brown Clear
Bronzer: Wet & Wild Plum

What fall makeup trends are you willing to try?

 Be sure to at least try the white eyeliner! 

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “A Fabulous Make-Up Trend!

    • Glad you love it dear!! That color is the bomb! I am telling you there cosmetics have really stepped up! As for those lipsticks-Amazing! It’s not a matte lipstick or a color stay but it stays on all day! I love it

    • Hey not YT! It’s Wet & Wilds Megaglo in Spotlight Peach. I totally wrote the wrong color down! I will correct it!

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