Jewelry for $1?

When your budgeting your money but are in need (or want) of so many things, you become very clever! I know thrifting is a sure way to find great deals on accessories but so are dollar stores and beauty supply stores. The beauty supply store has a $1 section that I am sure we all have overlooked and who is looking at jewelry at the $1 store.

Well when my girlfriend showed me a drawer full of fabulous, cute jewelry from the $1 store I was amazed and surprised! I guess a bargain can be had anywhere, as long as your looking for it!

I am coming up with an idea to organize her jewelry! She has lots!
These were $1 each! Amazzzzzzzzzzzzing!

 Here you have it! There are no excuses to not accessorizing! It can be done on a budget for sure!

The weekend is approaching, check out your beauty supply and your dollar stores and see what treasures you might unfold!

Oh and do share your finds with me! Email me pictures, I would love to share your goods!

 As long as it don’t look cheap, I dont mind singing a cheap song!

Fabulously Yours,


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