Shoedazzle or JustFabulous?

Introducing Kimora Lee Simmons

Enough said!

As Heidi Klum says “One  day you’re in and the next day you’re out”

I have been contemplating canceling my membership with Shoedazzle for a few months now but just didn’t get around to doing it. And I just purchased these pair of Shoedazzle shoes after forgetting to skip for the month of June and I was charged the $39.95.

The shoes are cute and I am excited about them but I haven’t been impressed with the shoes in my showroom for quite some time.


And after finding out that Kimora Lee Simmons is now the President and Creative Director of JustFab, I might cancel with Shoedazzle. Although, I am sure they have the same type of shoes and I could find the same quality shoe for $39.95 or less at Ross, TjMaxx or even Marshalls. But I like the idea of a monthly shoe account. I like getting a selection of shoes the 1st of every month however it sucks when you forget to skip and the money comes directly out. I mean really that’s why I purchased the shoes I have posted above! They got me! LOL

So I think I will cancel Shoedazzle since I have tried it and am not as impressed anymore and give JustFabulous a try. I just have to remember to skip if I don’t like the shoes in my showroom!

Just a note to you guys–if you decide to join either of these sites, just be sure to check your showroom, and if you don’t like what you see, select more options or skip for the month. If not that $39.95 will catch you by surprise! Trust–I know all about it!

So what’s it going to be Shoedazzle or JustFabulous?

I love Kimora Lee Simmons so that was my true reason for switching! The shoes and quality I am sure will be the same! I will let yall know when I get my 1st round of JustFab in my real life showroom-my closet!

Fabulously Switching because I am JUST FABULOUS,


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