Window Shopping

Tomorrow is Friday and in my life it’s PAYDAY! And after bills I have a few dollars left over for some shopping! I am preparing for my 1st Thanksgiving Trip with my someone special! I am meeting the fam! Which means I need to make a great 1st impression! Now don’t get me wrong, I honestly always make lasting impressions but the 1st impression is the one that presses in the most!

I need comfortable, easy-going outfits, not too much over the top but just right! The way I do things, I create a list or look book of what I want! I start by window shopping online and I let things sink in a bit before I dive in and purchase!

I always start at Faith 21 because the items there are affordable. I am all about stretching the dollars these days!

I love this jacket and jeans!


This shirt is super cute! And I think would look nice for Thanksgiving dinner with the family! Or is it to over the top?

I love this Dove Jacket! I know for a fact that this is going in my basket! And these blue pants are so on point! I don’t a have anything like this in my closet!

I need a comfy outfit to wear shopping on Black Friday!  Cargo pants are a must and I love this Tiger T-Shirt! It’s appropriate since I will be on the prowl for something wonderful!



Omgaaaaaa how cute is this jacket! I love it! And it’s black! Oh yeah! So in the bag! I am singing–Just put it in the bag–does that apply when your spending your own money! LOL If you don’t know the song, I apologize!

So this combination is BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW! Heeeheheheheh! But I love it!

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Mustard Skinny Jean

And I am so about to pass out! How cute is this coat from ASOS! I want it! I must have this coat!

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Coat with Faux Fur Hem and Collar

This is great for a few holiday parties! I love it!

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Lace Dress With Long Sleeve

Okay there are so many things on ASOS that I am in love with! I really need to pump my breaks! And calm down a bit!

Anywaysssssss (Sorry Sister Kathy-I love the (s) on the end), I hope yall are doing some window shopping of your own and by all means make a budget and stick to it! For reals (for you Leida) though I need to save my spending money for Black Friday but ummmmm I have to look good on Thanksgiving! LOL

Fabulously Yours,


2 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. I would love to see you in the last top with some nice (actual) pants. I’m not in love with the painted on look. Anyway(ssss) you will also look good in that second top as well. too bad I plan to have your mom with me for Thanksgiving, huh!??! (SMILES) Be blessed. AK

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