Sweet 16!

Jordan in the middle!

Happy Monday Makeover! This weekend I had the pleasure of making up Jordan for her Sweet 16 photo shoot! She was such a delight to work with! I love when I meet young gals that are well-mannered and that alone merits praise to a mother that has taken the time to groom her into a respectable young lady!

I have known her mother Konyasoh since I was a teenager myself, I guess I was 13 and her mother was maybe 16 herself. What’s funny is that she swears she is waaaaaaaaaaay older than me and still calls me “Little Karen”.  She told her daughter that I used to run behind her and truth be told I didn’t run behind her but I thought she was “cool” and she always had the funniest things to say! Her favorite line was “What my hair is ugly, it don’t matter cause the boyzzzzz like it”. To this day I still joke her about it! And now she says ” Guess what Little Karen, the boyzzzz still like it”. She is hilarious and still carries that same confidence that she had as a kid! And as you can see her daughter Jordan is just the same! She loves the camera! Super cute!

I know one thing about Konyasho, she is light years ahead of me, she is raising a beautiful daughter, with a great personality while I am still awaiting the day I plan a lavish photo shoot with my teenage daughter.

I will close this email out with saying, my heart was touched when Jordan acknowledged how she was so grateful to have a mother like Konyasoh that went above and beyond for her! I loved it!

I will share more pictures as soon as I get some back from the photo shoot!

Fabulously Yours,


7 thoughts on “Sweet 16!

  1. What a lovely, beautiful picture ladies. It looks like you enjoyed your sweet 16 Jordan. You only get one. Live it up sweety. I love you niece. Fabulous Jordan. Love Aunt Angie………

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