What about Your Friends!

I made a quote on Facebook on how I was so blessed to have great siblings! And now I must say how blessed I am to have a dynamic circle of friends! I believe that there are friends you just happen to become friends with and there are those that you know for a FACT that God himself orchestrated. Now I have many friends and all of them are apart of my heart but today I am talking about Silsa, Shana, Patricia and Leida! Over the years we have built a solid loving friendship that will never be broken! We love, argue, bomb each other out, love again, tell the truth but most importantly we support one another in every endeavor in life!

A couple of months ago Patricia emailed us all and said she wanted to take us all out to dinner to show her appreciation for all of us being there for her when her mother passed. Of course the dates changed a few times but we finally settled on this past Saturday! We decided to have dinner and then have a slumber party afterwards! Yes we are grown woman some of us with husbands and babies but who can resist a sleepover! LOL!

Dinner was lovely and the dancing afterwards was just as fun! We went to Gaffney’s in Bethesda and I have no idea where we went to dance-Crazy Mikes, Crazy Joes, I don’t remember. It was a spot my sister Shana used to go to 10 years ago! Funny!

Leida, Me, and Shana

Patricia and Silsa

I wish I would have taken a group picture of us but of course I didn’t, we were so involved in conversation after a while I was so over snapping pictures! But I did take a few! I bought this little lace dress for about $13 from Ross–I love it! And as you can see I straightened my hair! I love it. I will show you all a close up tomorrow!

Straight hair! So temporary! I miss my curls!

Dress-Ross, Belt-Very old, Leather Jacket-Target, Purse-? Shoes-Shoedazzle

Well after dinner and dancing we went back to Patricia’s house. She had just got back London and Ireland and have gifts for us! How sweet! She then pulled out a big blue bag and started to talk about how she loves us all so much and is thankful for our friendship. And all of a sudden she pulled out these bags! Tiffany’s! One bag for each of us! We were all SHOCKED! We all started to cry and hug and just were so surprised! It was after 2am and we were expecting like a key chain or a t-shirt that says I love London or something, not Tiffany’s!

I am still in shock over this gift! I mean really! She bought us all Tiffany’s Charm Bracelets, mine had a purse, Shana’s a cupcake (she’s a baker), Leida a flip-flop (loves flip-flops), Silsa a black pump with a blue bottom (she has the best shoes) and she bought herself one with a ballet slipper (she is a dancer)! She said she is blessed and wanted to bless us! We all hugged and shed a few tears.

Even if the night would have ended with dancing I still would feel the same way about my girls! They are everything to me, we don’t talk every day but when we do talk and hang out it’s like we see each other everyday. So to my girls-I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life!

And to all my other bff’s and bffc’s- I love yall too!

Fabulously Yours,


7 thoughts on “What about Your Friends!

  1. I love you Patricia, Silsa, Shana, and Karen!! I am truly blessed for the gift God has given me … you guys friendship!! Thank you, Lord!

  2. I LOVE how you photographed the Tiffany’s! I love you guys so much. Something I DEF learned from my mom, if she went somewhere, she would have some sort of tiny gift for specific people. She was ALWAYS thinking of her family and close friends and was really funny about the ones she didn’t like lol!

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