Make-Up on the Cheap

So you want to try a new makeup trend but don’t want to spend a lot of money but maybe your that girl who want’s to start wearing makeup but you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on  it! Or like me you’re a make-up junkie and can’t resist the thrill of new make-up! Which ever category you fall into here are some inexpensive ways to add some pizaaz to your make-up bag!

First off you must start with a FABULOUS makeup bag to hold all your goodies in! Target, Walmart and Sephora have cute fun bags! Sephora will be a little more pricier than Target or Walmart.

I like buying make-up sets on sale at Sephora and right now they have 2 sets at a great price online. You can get more bang for the dollar! It’s a great way to get an all inclusive deal, eyeshadow, lip gloss, mascara even blush! All depending on what set your going with. Smashbox has 2 great sets for great prices. You can get this eyeshadow box for $49.50 and this lip gloss set for $30! Deals like this is worth the try! And the great thing is there’s just enough colors and you don’t feel overwhelmed!

Click You're It Eye Palette ($250 Value)

Snap You're Fab Lip Gloss Set ($96 Value)

I personally stay away from big huge eyeshadow sets because unless you’re a make-up artist or a  teenage girl who has the time to makeup 10 of her friends every week  it is a waste of money. This is totally my opinion. You buy all this makeup and only use 10 colors! Yes this is a great price for $49.50 but is it really worth it?

Makeup Studio Blockbuster ($440 Value)

I love the idea of this set but it’s not for all skin types! This is the type of set I look for all the time! But clearly it never works for me! A set like this is worth the trip to Sephora! I would totally try everything in the set before I purchased it! That’s why I love Sephora!

Wild & Chic Best of MAKE UP FOR EVER Kit ($103 Value)

And now I just came across Payless Make-up! Okay I had no idea that Payless was now into the beauty market! Hilarious! But! I saw this Kohl liner in Lucky Magazine’s Beauty Section. It’s a purple kohl liner for a great price of $5.99! I have been in Payless plenty of times but have never seen make-up. Have yall? Well after reading about it in Lucky this morning, I did some browsing online and came across a bunch of things worth the try!

Love this Kohl liner in Purple Smoke!

And I love a lip stain! This is only $5.99!

So not only does Wet & Wild or Rimmel have great prices, so does Sephora and now Payless. So now I am on the prowl to find a Payless store that sells makeup!

I am always on the quest for new make-up and since yall know I always wear what I buy–well most of the time. I still have a Wet& Wild Lipstick that is awaiting to meet my lips!

Have a great day! I am still gearing up for the Blogalicious Weekend at the Gaylord! I can’t wait!



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