More Birthdays…

Hey! I know I missed yesterday’s post and almost didn’t post anything at all today. This was supposed to be my week of sharing about the Blogalicious Weekend! I had a blast, I really did! I meet a lot of great people and learned a ton of information! But I wont be sharing anything until next week except for this:

During the conference The American Cancer Society  gave us a cupcake party! The American Cancer Society believes in celebrating a world were there are more birhtdays and less cancer. When they gave their presentations I was in tears, because I thought about my Aunt Michelle and  my Grandmother. Although my Grandmother was still with us on Friday, I know that this year she was diagnosed with cancer. We sang happy birthday and I teared up but I pumped my tear breaks and focused! After the party I signed up with them and in my heart I made the pledge to do my part in making sure there are more birthdays than cancer!

At the table there were these amazing cards that people created for More Birthdays! This one is my favorite.

There are so many cards online to purchase. Join the movement and be apart of helping and changing people’s lives!

Well my Grandmother passed away on Sunday and although I posted today I wont be for the rest of the week. I want to reflect on the love she had for me and the love I have for her and  I really cant stir up enough energy or creativity right now. My goal was to start the week off with The American Cancer Society’s More Birthdays and of course not knowing that this would be the week that my Grandmother would pass. I really want to do so much more for the More Birthdays campaign and I will and when I do I hope you all are there to join me or show your support!

So until next week I leave you with this quote from my heart to yours:

Learn to love unconditionally and accept people for who they are not who you want them to be. And in that love will blossom into a beautiful garden that your heart will forever find rest in!

Fabulously Loving Unconditionally,


P.S.–I love you Grandma!

3 thoughts on “More Birthdays…

  1. Mother Willoughby shined brightly right up to the end. It’s not everybody who can instruct and know their time to go and do it with laughter and a smile as she did. AMAZING GRACE! It seems many are going home but that’s good to KNOW life is NOT over in The Lord. I plan to see you tomorrow night. I love you, my Namesake…AK

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