What is U-Ology Is?

Hey all! I am back! Thanks for coming through to check out today’s
post. This week I want to share my experience at Blogalicious. I truly enjoyed
it, it was an amazing experience, being in an atmosphere of like-minded folks
that aren’t afraid to open up and share their experiences in the world of

Before I get to U-Ology I have to share a few pics and talk about my $16.96 outfit!

My Outift: The sweater skirt was $3.97 from
the thrift store and the top was $12.99 from Target. Time to start shopping  sale racks in stores for the end of the season bargains! I love this top, it’s a little sheer so if I wear it into the colder months I will need to layer it up a bit!

And now back to U-Ology!

The first session was Johnson & Johnson presents Your Passion
CAN Be Your Life’s Work, Jesse Jones U-Ology 101. It was dynamic! This was one
of my favorite sessions, I am sure as I go back over my notes I will say this
about every session.

 Here are my favorite nuggets:

U-Ology is all about you, what your passionate about and how to:

  1. Uncover It: Make a list of what you love, make it literal
  2. Talk About It: Engage with likeminded people, focus on the power
    of relationship
  3. Be About It: Take a leap

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you doing what you love? What
are you passionate about?

This session was right on it for me. I am taking FYI in a
new direction next year and I need to regroup and focus on what I love and the
things I am passionate about.

As always I am all about encouraging and trying to push you
all to greater heights! If you get a chance by all means check out U-Ology and
Jesse James.

Until tomorrow-enjoy today and dream about tomorrow!

 Study U-Ology and BECOME YOU!

Fabulously Yours,


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