Missoni for Target..Treasure Hunting!

I was so bummed out over not snagging anything from the Missoni for  Target line. I looked online and constantly in my local Target and nothing came up! I was upset and eventually gave up hope! And of course when your least expecting it, a miracle comes down from Heaven and your granted yet another one of your hearts desires!

I FOUND 3 Missoni for Target items in 2 different Targets in Baltimore! The first Target I found two hats, both on sale! One was this floppy hat for $12.49 and the beanie for $6.99!

Talk about a bargain! I mean really I was so surprised and as you can see SUPER EXCITED!  My family looked at me like I was crazy when I shared the news, they kept saying hasn’t Target always sold Mossimo—hahahahha–they have no idea!

And lastly I found this dress! It was a challenge finding this one, I first ran across a little short mini skirt in a size small. I asked the sales associate if she had found anything else by this brand, and she said ” I just put a dress back yesterday on the racks over there” and I of course went through every sale rack until I found it! And there it was marked down from $56.00 to $36.00!

I am in love with this dress! Like seriously, how cute is this little short mini sweater dress by Missoni! I had to pair it with my pearls and the shoes actually worked as well.

Somethings in life are worth searching for and when Heaven gives you such a perfect surprise it’s something to celebrate!

P.S. Amazon has all the Missoni for Target items on sale for a much greater price than what it was sold for in Target stores but less than what the actual brand costs.

Fabulous in Missoni for Target,


7 thoughts on “Missoni for Target..Treasure Hunting!

  1. Hiiiiii…i love that dress sooooo much that i went to my Target searching the sales rack and got lucky….i found the dress and i am super pumped…i cant wait to wear it….thank you for sharing your fabulous style…xoxo

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