Pretty Girly Things

Nail Polish: OPI Pink of Hearts 2011 and L.A. Girl Pleasures- $1.99 from the Beauty Supply Store

I am a lover of little girly things! I fell in love with the Hey Day  notebooks and now I am in love with my little nail kit! I found this little cuteness at a party store, the oddest place for this to be!

I love her red lips!

My nails have been bare for the last couple of weeks and I finally took the time to sit and polish them. I was really pressed to use this nail kit and the Japonesque Beauty Fixation Nail Polish Touch-Up Swabs (found in CVS). Love these little swabs!

They have all kinds of swabs: makeup remover and tinted lip conditioner.

Now if only I could find little cute notebooks and nail kits that reflect me as an African American woman. Time for another treasure hunt!

Fabulously Yours,


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