Fashionista Planning Templates



I woke up this morning overwhelmed! I fell asleep without washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, packing my lunch for the week and everything else that
needed to get done! Annoying! I immediately jumped into feeling overwhelmed. I hate starting the week off with my house out-of-order. I like an easy transition
from weekend to work week. But sometimes that’s not the case. And when it’s not my defense mechanism is to plan!

 I first panic and get annoyed with myself and then I take action. As I started planning out how I was going to gain control of my household chores and my life as I whole, I remembered these daily planning templates that Anji from Class Not Crass shared with me last week. I printed this one to use at work and this one to use at home!

 These templates helped me streamline all the thoughts in my head and helped me come up with a master plan. I know that some time we over plan our days and everything doesn’t get done but you can cross off what you accomplished and add what was left to the next day.

 Have a vision for your life but also for your week as well as daily! It’s the sure way to not waste your time and to stay on top of things!

P.S. I also use the Stylit (sold out currently, so saaaaaad) to plan my outfits for the week, it’s very helpful when you’re rushing in the mornings, you can just choose an outfit you know works! And the Editor to plan my blog posts! Both are super-duper ways to stay on top of things!

 Fabulous and Organized,


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